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November 5, 2010

The Kick Ass Curve

Over the years, we’ve posted more than a few listings seeking talented individuals to join our team. In the process we’ve encountered a colorful array of people: the guy whose mother drove him to the interview, the kid who made homemade horror films with his family, the young lady covered in hives. When it comes to the unsavory world of seeking qualified job candidates, we’ve plumbed the depths — and in the process, pretty much seen and heard it all.

So it was not much of a surprise when we found this commentary about our job listing on Creative Hotlist. We didn’t mind that the writer labeled our job listing as “heinous”, and we were absolutely okay that he/she condemned us with a hearty “fahk you, Tattoo Projects.” But when the writer questioned our authenticity, that gave us a pause. Our job posting was a fist-shaking commentary, imploring creative talent to step forward. It came from the most authentic place of all — the heart. It proved that we have more passion for the business than we have writers. Hence, the job posting.

(note: due in part to Agency Spy’s negative posting about our job listing, we received 130 resumes and portfolios from seasoned advertising copywriters and art directors, who did not seem to share the opinion that we are a house of douche-bags).



3 Responses to “The Kick Ass Curve”

  1. Thats awesome. Our latest job posting was far worse actually. Gave a list of things we were not looking for in a candidate as so many were just plain terrible.

  2. […] Apparently Tattoo Projects felt the need to post a rebuttal on their site, which is actually pretty awesome. If I were you, and actually wanted to work there, I’d take […]

  3. No such thing as bad press, right? Still, the original posting was so-o-o poorly written and unprofessional that I would be concerned about the capabilities of anyone who responded.
    Unless the entire posting is some post-ironic, cutting edge statement about the state of the industry that I’m too old to understand…
    Best of luck to you regardless and please, please, please be ON the side of literacy, intellectualism and emotional maturity–now THAT’S radical!

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